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Slim Body - Natural Bamboo Charcoal Slimming Suit

Slim Body - Natural Bamboo Charcoal Slimming Suit

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Slim body natural bamboo charcial fibre magical undergarment bases on human engineering principles and is adopted unique interaional protection of natural antibacterial bamboo fabric. The introduction of advanced equipment weaves fabric seamlessly. Wear comfortable, left up breast, lift the buttocks, leg shaping. Bamboo charcoal fibre magical undergarment containing rich far infrared can shape body and promotes human metabolism and antibacterial skin beauty. Create a charming curve, so you will have a healthy and beautiful life.

If your everyday is just too busy to be a part of a healthy workout, why not stick with wearables that don’t require special attention to help you shed those extra pounds. When your body produces sweat it becomes relatively easy for your body to lose fat. Slim Body - Natural Bamboo Charcoal Slimming Suit is fitness for everyday wear. smart fabrics technology that increases core temperature helping your body sweat, sweat, sweat & sweat more while wearing them during daily activities. It increases core temperature during your daily activities, at home, exercise, sports, walk, run, baby walk or any physical activity. Slim Body - Natural Bamboo Charcoal Slimming Suit clothing can be worn while active regardless of what you are doing.

A fitness wear that smartly lets you lose that bulge on your belly, legs or even thighs. This fitness wear is very beneficial to shape up and tone your body perfectly. It maximizes fitness routines, gives you a slim waist tummy and thighs. It increases your core body temperature and improves your overall tendency to reduce extra weight easily. Oshi.pk, your online shop stop, has made it convenient and pocket friendly to own this amazing product at only Rs. 950 instead of Rs 2000!

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  • Delivery Charges Apply
  • Excellent Value For Money
  • High Quality Product
  • Slim Body
  • Natural Bamboo Charcoal Slimming Suit
  • 4 major Functions Can Shape Perfect Body Fast In 1 Minutes
  • Dynamic Shift Fat Design
  • 15 Elastic Body Areas Tighten The Verruca
  • Bamboo Charcoal Fibre
  • Dynamic Design
  • magical Effect
  • Solid Cutting
  • Breat Up: Straight Back, Breast Augmentaion, Breast Raised
  • Abdominal Tightening: Flat Stomach Waist Tightening Slender Waist
  • Buttocks Lift: Buttocks Raised, More Flexible
  • Leg Shaping: Tighten Fat, Attain Perfect leg Line
  • Sizes: S-M, L-XL, XXL-3XL


1x Slim Body - Natural Bamboo Charcoal Slimming Suit


Brand A K Dealers


Size S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL,
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