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29% Pack Of 3 Worlds Most Advanced Rechargeable Lighters
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PKR 1,900 - PKR 1,350
58% Worlds Most Advanced Rechargeable Lighters
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PKR 1,900 - PKR 800
33% Mini Bluetooth Music Fidget Spinner with LED Light
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PKR 2,600 - PKR 1,750
44% VMD 23 Oil For Weapons (200 ml)
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PKR 1,600 - PKR 900
48% Flexible Magnetic Pick-Up Tool with LED Light
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PKR 2,000 - PKR 1,050
40% Hot Hand Gloves - Silicon Gloves to Handle Hot Stuff
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PKR 2,000 - PKR 1,200
39% video-icon.png Shed Vac Vacuum Powered Pet Grooming Tool
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PKR 1,800 - PKR 1,100
38% Wireless Bluetooth Microphone Party Mic Speaker
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PKR 4,000 - PKR 2,500
68% video-icon.png Pill Pro - Organize Pills & Vitamins for Each Day of the Week
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PKR 3,000 - PKR 950
53% video-icon.png Fidget Spinner - The Ultimate Stress Reducer Toy (Pack of 2)
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PKR 1,900 - PKR 900
48% Durable Fabric Baby Carrier for New Born to 1 Year Babies
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PKR 2,000 - PKR 1,050
56% video-icon.png Fidget Spinner - The Stress Reducing Tablet
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PKR 1,245 - PKR 550
63% Furniture Fix - Seat & Cushion Support
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PKR 2,690 - PKR 1,000
66% 2 Speed USB Power Fan
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PKR 2,940 - PKR 1,000
61% video-icon.png Portable Auto DC 12V Electric Air Compressor
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PKR 2,850 - PKR 1,100
29% Rinows Electric Toothbrush
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PKR 2,100 - PKR 1,500
43% Lechg 9 Pcs Repairing Tool Set
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PKR 1,930 - PKR 1,100
59% Precision Screwdrivers 23 Pcs Set
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PKR 1,640 - PKR 680
50% Ratchet 31 Pcs Screwdriver and Bit Set
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PKR 1,600 - PKR 800

Update your Home and Office with High-End Electronics - Buy Online the Latest Gadgets in Pakistan

Gadgets are simplified solutions that make your work easy in less time. They have become the significant part of our daily life and proved themselves to be beneficial. We cannot imagine a day without them as our daily chores become tough in their absence. They have conquered each and every part of our lives starting from washing machine to churner or TV set.

Gadgets enhance our efficiency and effectiveness about work. They have increased human efficiency and made this world a better place. They also bring happiness to life and make our accessibility easy. Hence they are fun!

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We know you adore your kitchen as it is the second place at home where you spend your time preparing meals and cooking for your family. For making your cooking efficient and presenting them elegantly, have all the right accessories for you. Our kitchen gadgets will make your results far better and the right tools with making your kitchen a friendly zone. At you have access to latest gadgets like kitchen tools, tableware, bakeware, and cookware just a click away!

Electronic Gadgets in wide range and

An anniversary or a birthday is coming up, and you have no idea what to buy for your loved ones? Do not worry! We at make shopping of latest and cool gadgets as easy as a breeze. We have a wide range of electronic gadgets including hi-tech products like camera USBs, power earphones, laser pens, ear pods and much more. Our electronic gadgets are super cool that will make all men fall for. Our power banks and torch lights will make your expeditions memorable. For an awesome photography experience, get your hands on batteries, memory cards, chargers, camera bags, flashes, waterproof covers and tripods by

Buy Home Gadgets at is a blissful online marketplace that is one-stop for all tech savvy people. We have a large variety of home gadgets that offers more function in a single device like a toolkit with torch having knife, fork, bottle screw, etc. You get a lot of functions in a single device. Rechargeable fans and mini ACs are a necessary part of every household due to increased load shedding, especially in summers. The mosquito killer will also make your life easier in the summer season. Therefore with the arrival of summers get these delivered at your doorstep at best prices.

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It is time to revolutionize your home with elegance by getting the trendy kitchen and electronic gadgets from so stop waiting and order products right now!

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