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LOGIN Super Fast Charger (LT_CHPD50) - Swift Charging Solution

LOGIN Super Fast Charger (LT_CHPD50) - Swift Charging Solution

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Experience lightning-fast charging with the LOGIN Super Fast Charger (LT_CHPD50). Power up your devices quickly and efficiently, ensuring you're always ready to stay connected

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  1. 25 Watts Output: This charger delivers a high power output of 25 watts, allowing for rapid charging of compatible devices. It significantly reduces the time required to charge your devices.
  2. 3.0 Fast Charging Port: The inclusion of a 3.0 fast charging port ensures that devices compatible with fast charging standards can charge at optimal speeds. It offers improved charging efficiency compared to older charging technologies.
  3. Type-C Port: The Type-C port is versatile and reversible, making it easy to plug in your devices. It's a common connector for modern devices and offers faster data transfer speeds in addition to charging.
  4. Over Voltage Protection: Over-voltage protection is a critical safety feature. It monitors and regulates voltage levels to prevent voltage spikes that can damage your devices. The charger will automatically intervene to maintain safe voltage levels.
  5. Short Circuit Protection: Short circuit protection safeguards your devices by cutting off power if a short circuit is detected. It prevents electrical damage and potential hazards.
  6. Over Charging Protection: Overcharging protection prevents the charger from continuously supplying power to your device once it's fully charged. This helps extend the lifespan of your device's battery and prevents overcharging-related issues.
  7. High Temperature Protection: High-temperature protection is a feature that detects when the charger or your device becomes too hot during charging. It can temporarily pause charging to prevent overheating and potential damage to the charger or your device.
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quick charging port

Pd 3.0 port

1 year warranty

25 watts super fast charger

3.0 fast charging port

C type port

Over voltage protection

Short circuit protection

Over charging protection

high temperature protection


1x Login Super Fast charger (LT_CHPD50)


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Warranty 1 Year(s) Company Warranty

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