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48% VMD 104 L Car Shining Shampoo with Wax (1000ml)
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PKR 2,300 - PKR 1,200
41% Westpoint Deluxe Meat Grinder
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PKR 10,000 - PKR 5,950
29% Sayona Orange/Lemon Juicer
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PKR 2,100 - PKR 1,500
35% Sayona Electrical Citrus Juicer
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PKR 2,300 - PKR 1,500
35% video-icon.png Multifunction Adjustable 18 in 1 Foldable Table with Cup Holder
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PKR 4,000 - PKR 2,600
48% VMD 30 Tyre Shine (400 ml)
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PKR 2,000 - PKR 1,050
48% VMD 14 Cockpit Cleaner (500ml)
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PKR 2,000 - PKR 1,050
38% Sokany 300W Hand Mixer
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PKR 3,200 - PKR 2,000
17% Swissvoice - Corded Phone - Landline-Handfree
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PKR 3,000 - PKR 2,500
31% Air Dragon Portable Air Compressor
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PKR 2,600 - PKR 1,800
43% Dual Qi Wireless Charging Pad with USB Charger
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PKR 4,000 - PKR 2,300
43% Portable 5,200 mAh Smart Power Bank
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PKR 2,000 - PKR 1,150
42% video-icon.png Laser Scissors - Laser Beam Guide for Accurate Cutting
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PKR 1,900 - PKR 1,100
46% Sahara Cool Multifunction Light with remote
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PKR 6,000 - PKR 3,250
54% video-icon.png Air Alert Warning Tire Caps (Set of 4)
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PKR 1,950 - PKR 900
58% video-icon.png Car Accessory 2 in 1: Car Humidifier + Car Charger
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PKR 2,000 - PKR 850
30% video-icon.png Multi Functional Digital Measuring Spoon Set
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PKR 3,000 - PKR 2,100
54% Back Cover & Power Bank For Samsung S5
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PKR 2,940 - PKR 1,350

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How often would you see a handsome electronic appliance waiting to be hauled away in all of its latest design and state-of-the-art technology? Oshi has been keen enough to present the local public with some of its most splendid deals in the area of home décor and furnishing. Not many websites which claim to be reservoirs of online shopping keep up with the needs of the common man in the kitchen and of course, under an amiable roof.

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We at have been dealing with all sorts of electronic appliances such as those used in the kitchen and the rest of the home. It might not be every day that you would be able to see electronic appliances to be quite affordable. Apart from focusing on the latest gadgets of 2017, has been able to bring you some of the most magnificent electronic appliances which vow to make your life easier and hence, less time consuming and more amusing.


There is no stopping to the surprises that can bestow upon you in the form of the succeeding deals on its website. With home appliances as small as a mosquito killing device to as large as an entertaining home theatre system, just keeps on getting better and better. At, you can get your required home appliance for a lot less than its average range in the market. Led projectors, mosquito and pest killing devices, smoothie makers, steam lazers and quadcore android TV boxes have been made available to you at a click’s distance on our website.


No kitchen is good enough without a zillion utensils and graters. At, you will find almost everything your kitchen appliances need to help you cook a tasty meal. Blenders, graters, water bottles, espresso machines, toasters and meat grinders or mincers – has managed to bring you all of them in combination with other similar appliances via deals. Since the deals keep renewing at a slow pace, you can always find the product your desire on our website.

Advantages of Having Latest appliances in your Home

Gadgets and latest appliances have changed the lifestyle to become more advanced, and facilitated each home with ease. A kitchen equipped with right gadgets has made the cooking experience a lot easier than it was in the past.

The advantages of these electronic appliances and devices are unlimited; less time consumption, perfection, and effortless working is the ones to start with. With these latest equipments, Pakistani households are saving a lot of energy, labor and time –and get enough time to be productive.
The most valuable factor provided by Oshi is the “cost”. We never compromise on quality and strive to provide best deals in town.

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