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17% Swissvoice - Corded Phone - Landline-Handfree
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PKR 3,000 - PKR 2,500
54% Back Cover & Power Bank For Samsung S5
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PKR 2,940 - PKR 1,350
39% Phoseat Phone Stand Holder - Selfie Universal Clip Holder
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PKR 1,650 - PKR 1,000
54% Micro USB 4 in 1 High Speed Charging Cable
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PKR 1,200 - PKR 550
20% Jabra Wave Wireless Bluetooth Headset (1500)
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PKR 2,500 - PKR 2,000
35% video-icon.png LG Wireless Bluetooth Tone Stereo Handset
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PKR 1,700 - PKR 1,100
36% video-icon.png Samsung MIni Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo - 380 Earbud
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PKR 1,400 - PKR 900
28% Mobile Waterproof Pouch With Neon Light
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PKR 900 - PKR 650
42% Zagg Pocket Keyboard For Smartphones & Small Tablets
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PKR 4,500 - PKR 2,600
30% Jabra Wireless Bluetooth Headset (BT2047) (Original)
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PKR 4,500 - PKR 3,150
31% Jabra Classic Wireless Bluetooth Headset (Original)
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PKR 6,500 - PKR 4,500
47% Bluetooth Remote Control
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PKR 1,800 - PKR 950
35% 3 in 1 Dual USB Universal Socket (GM)
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PKR 2,000 - PKR 1,300
34% Bluetooth Car MP3 and Charger (GM)
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PKR 2,800 - PKR 1,850
52% Waterproof Mobile Phone Pouch
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PKR 1,650 - PKR 800
42% Wireless Bluetooth Knit Hat Music Cap
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PKR 3,000 - PKR 1,750
23% Samsung USB Charger 3 in 1 White
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PKR 1,500 - PKR 1,150

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Having the latest iPhone or android is not enough for our modern society. Mobile phone owners also need the right mobile phones and tablets accessories to enhance their communication and also protect the phone/tablet from potential damage. Whether you require the basics like Bluetooth set, phone covers, and headphones or the high-end tech such as VR glasses – we at have!

Browse through our collection of mobile accessories and find the one that you require at the best price. Our products are guaranteed to be of high-quality to last you for years to come. Furthermore, we also introduce deals and offers from time to time in order to facilitate our potential consumers in availing the best product for a reasonable rate.

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Mobile phone cases and covers

Available in different styles, designs, and color scheme – the range of mobile phone cases and covers at not only help protect the phone from any future damage but can also be matched with clothing, personality, and occasion.

Running out of Batteries? Buy Power banks

Load shedding is a common issue faced by Pakistanis of all statuses. A power bank can be charged in advanced and used for future charging of any mobile, tablet and laptops. Power banks have made the portability of your devices much easier. They have relieved the hassle of constant plugged-in charging. Check out the Solar charger banks and USB power banks offered by Oshi and keep thriving in your studies, work, or business.

Game-on with the Latest Headsets and Headphones Models

Earphones are especially ideal for those consumers who enjoy listening to music but would like to avoid disturbing others. The range of headphones at is both affordable and high quality to suit the consumer’s budget.

Oshi brings an outclass range of wireless, Bluetooth, state-of-the-art headsets for hassle-free gaming and music experience. You can get a huge range of earbud bluetooth mobile accessories.

No need to waste your money on local second-grade accessories. Shop the high quality, branded mobile accessories from –the most reliable online shopping website.

iPhone 7 Accessories

There is no fooling around when it comes to iPhone 7. One of the best (and expensive) phones needs the best accessories which can only be bought at

We also stock screen protectors, batteries, VR glasses, Large screen TV, portable speakers, chargers and cables a lot more. Just browse through our collection and find the product you are looking for. We provide stress-free shopping for all our valuable consumers in Pakistan. Simply select your product, select from one of the many payment options, and allow us to deliver it right at your doorstep. No hassle of going to the shops and finding a parking space. Log on to and find the best of everything.

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