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37% Energy King Massager (PX-0288B)
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PKR 3,500 - PKR 2,200
50% video-icon.png Massage Slippers | Reflexology Acupressure Foot Massage Slipper
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PKR 2,200 - PKR 1,100
68% video-icon.png Miss Belt - Instant Hourglass Body Shaper
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PKR 2,000 - PKR 650
42% video-icon.png Revoflex Xtreme Abdominal Trainer - Multi Use Fitness Machine
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PKR 2,250 - PKR 1,300
58% video-icon.png Tummy Trimmer Unisex Fitness Gadget - Workout for your Tummy
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PKR 2,500 - PKR 1,050
55% Waist Twisting Healthy Massage Disc
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PKR 2,000 - PKR 900
46% Hot Shapers Sleeveless T-Shirt
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PKR 2,050 - PKR 1,100
33% video-icon.png Tummy Tuck Miracle Slimming System
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PKR 2,300 - PKR 1,550
47% Deo Cross i-Ears
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PKR 1,600 - PKR 850
46% Celluless Anti-Cellulite Treatment Vacuum Body Massager
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PKR 4,800 - PKR 2,600
50% Posture Support Corset Tonus Elast 1008 (GM)
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PKR 2,000 - PKR 1,000
40% Massage Handle For Body (GM)
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PKR 2,000 - PKR 1,200
33% Cnaier 4 in 1 Multi-Function Massage Beauty Device (AE-8289A)
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PKR 3,000 - PKR 2,000
58% Arms Shape Roller Slimming Massager(GM)
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PKR 2,000 - PKR 850
40% Pack Of 3 Handy Ball Massager (GM)
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PKR 2,500 - PKR 1,500
49% Car And Home Massage Pillow (CHM-8028)
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PKR 5,000 - PKR 2,550
50% Hot Shapers Hot Belt Instant Training
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PKR 1,900 - PKR 950
50% video-icon.png 5 in 1 Beauty Care Massager (AE-8782)
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PKR 1,900 - PKR 950
54% video-icon.png Hot Shapers Fitness Belt
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PKR 1,650 - PKR 765
14% Multifunctional Massage Rod
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PKR 2,100 - PKR 1,800
63% video-icon.png Hot Shapers Vest By Cami Hot
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PKR 2,600 - PKR 950
58% 7 in 1 Callous Remover & Massager (AE-8783)
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PKR 1,900 - PKR 800
64% Hot Shapers Fitness Bra
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PKR 2,200 - PKR 800

Treat Yourself with Oshi’s Personal Care Products for the Better and Beautiful You

Many trends come and go, and sadly, bring with their departure might bring either disappointment or relief. Personal care is perhaps one of those compartments of an individual’s personality that should never be compromised or stigmatized. Ever since technology has been welcomed into the world of personal care cosmetics, wecan see a wide range of products – individually for skincare, hair care, make-up and several others for the maintenance of the health and fitness of the human body –made readily available publicly at


We at take pride in being a part of the bandwagon that specializes in bringing you an exquisite range of healthcare products that deals in body shapers, body massagers, exercise mats, fragrances, facial masks, hair trimmers and patches – to name a few. Complete Health and Fitness Regime has become quite affordable ever since Oshi marked down the prices of several products – including those for healthcare and fitness gadgets.

Body Massagers:

This is by far, one of our most best-selling essentials from our wide range of personal care products in Health and Fitness. Here, you can find a number of different types of body massagers – many of which have been categorized regionally. From neck shawl massagers to toe massagers, will never disappoint you in providing you the product as per your requirements – and that too, in your best interest.

Body Shapers, Toners and Slimmers:

Choose from a wide range of profound body shapers in the form of belts & vests, and body slimmers in the form of belts that are easy to wrap around your waist. At, you might also be lucky to find body massagers that are equipped with rollers which can tone your body and benefit you with your required body shape.

Exercise Essentials:

As of the healthcare, has managed to get you the basic material that you might need for a strenuous work out. Ranging from state-of-the-art sneakers to yoga mats and fitness bras, products of health and fitness have been made available quite inexpensively via online shopping for healthcare at

Diet Supplements:

In order to keep up with the beauty and fitness, you must not only be adherent towards the healthcare, but you should also be compliant towards the personal care products, dietary supplements and workout regimens which bring out your inner beauty more comprehensively.

Grab all the Personal Care Products and achieve your Fitness Goals in 2017

Make your New Year resolution a reality and keep everyone stunned with a whole new you. Achieve your fitness goals with Oshi’s exclusive health and fitness products to form a complete personal care regime.

With Oshi, you can buy quality health and beauty products in Pakistan from reliable brands to revive your personality and transform into a more fit and gorgeous you.

Discover the Best Health and fitness Options at

Oshi brings multiple options for your health and fitness needs. To maintain and achieve your fitness goals, Oshi is your One-Stop Online marketplace that offers trending products form leading brands in Pakistan. Get in shape with!

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