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5 Challenges to Stay Motivated for Exercise

Monday, 24 Jul 2017    /    Published in Fitness Collections

Exercising isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite activity. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be challenging especially when it comes to staying on track. Motivation is essential for progress. Unfortunately, most of us are unable to stay motivated due to several reasons.

Shortage of Time

With a manic daily routine, most of us simply just do not have any time to reserve for exercise. Many consider it a hassle as it requires effort and they would much rather prefer to utilize that time for some other task.

Lack of Support

Haters can bring you down like nothing else. Many people who choose to practice a healthy lifestyle often fall victim to ridicule or taunts. Clean and healthy living is demanding on its own. Haters just make it worse.

Harsh Climates and Safety Concerns

The climate you are exposed to is a crucial consideration. Climate extremes can adversely affect your body in dangerous and even lethal ways. Safety is another pressing concern, especially in Pakistan. Many of us just do not have the luxury to exercise because of compromised neighborhood security.

Physical Limitations

Our stamina is different from another person’s. Some are more fit compared to others. The inability to match up to expectations can be extremely demotivating.

Self-Esteem Issues

Feeling self-conscious is something we have all encountered at one or the other point in our lives due to our body image. Gyms are intimidating for many people as they may not be capable of handling certain equipment or may not have the same stamina for working out.

Keeping up with your self-motivation

All these obstacles are more than enough to bring down even the strongest, healthiest, and most motivated individual amongst us. The only solution to these concerns is to stay focused and fight these challenges. The question that remains, is how?

  1. Start small and work your way up. Incorporate basic physical activity in everyday routine if you’re swamped with work like taking the stairs or parking somewhere further away.
  2. Join online forums to find like-minded people who will help you stay motivated.
  3. Adjust your exercise timings to cooperate with the climate better and join a climate controlled gym.
  4. Accept your flaws and limitations. Be patient and your stamina will pick up progress.
  5. Try to dust off issues and love yourself for who you are.

The trick here is to identify your challenge and work to overcome it. Start by working on a positive outlook. A positive mindset can guarantee positive results.

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