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60% Hemani Herbal Total 2 in 1 Repair Shampoo & Conditioner
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PKR 2,000 - PKR 800
72% Hemani Herbal Smooth & Silky 2 in 1 Shampoo & Container
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PKR 3,000 - PKR 850
56% Hemani Herbal Anti Hair Loss Shampoo
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PKR 2,500 - PKR 1,100
50% Hemani Herbal Anti Hair loss Hijab Shampoo
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PKR 2,300 - PKR 1,150
51% Shinon Electric Hair and Beard Trimmer (SH-1708)
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PKR 2,350 - PKR 1,150
47% Hemani Herbal Argan Extract Shampoo
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PKR 1,900 - PKR 1,000
47% video-icon.png Charcoal Black Head Face Mask For Men & Women
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PKR 1,500 - PKR 800
63% Bridal Set - Over 40+ Products For Your Makeover
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PKR 15,000 - PKR 5,500
38% video-icon.png Finishing Touch Lumina Personal Hair Remover
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PKR 1,680 - PKR 1,050
52% Anastasia Beverly Hills 12 Colors Master Eye Shadow Palette
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PKR 3,000 - PKR 1,450
62% Hemani Herbal 3 in 1 Action Anti Hair Loss Shampoo
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PKR 2,900 - PKR 1,100
28% Huda Beauty Waterproof Bottle Lip Gloss (Pack Of 12)
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PKR 3,200 - PKR 2,300
34% MAC Long Lasting Waterproof Lipsticks Tray (Pack of 12)
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PKR 3,500 - PKR 2,300
33% Kylie Waterproof Long Lasting Charm Lipsticks (Pack of 12)
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PKR 3,000 - PKR 2,000
47% NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator (4 Colors)
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PKR 3,000 - PKR 1,600
50% Huda Beauty Illuminator Glow Tubes (Pack of 4)
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PKR 3,600 - PKR 1,800
39% Kylie Dropper Professional Matte Liquid Foundation
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PKR 2,300 - PKR 1,400
43% MAC Professional Water Proof Dropper Foundation
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PKR 2,300 - PKR 1,300
27% Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Palette (12 Colors)
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PKR 2,600 - PKR 1,900
32% The Saharan By Juvia's Eye Shadow Palette (12 Colors)
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PKR 2,500 - PKR 1,700
37% Huda Beauty Envelope Lip Gloss Tray (Set of 12)
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PKR 3,000 - PKR 1,900

Beauty Products That You Need To Start Off the New Year in Style

Have you ever had one of those days when you intend on going to the shopping mall to shop till you drop, and some circumstances prevent you from doing so? With the rise of the Pakistani fashion industry and its evergreen rampage, it is not quite hard to stay updated on the latest trends that have been in swing ever since the New Year started. With the winter breeze zooming past our windows, it becomes annoying to just get out of our cozy blankets for an outdoor spin. With the help of an internet connection and a computer or a smartphone, help yourself to the fantastic deals that have been stock at your next-to-the-best-in-line online home shopping website for a detour towards the latest fashion trends 2017.

Cover-ups and Brushes –The Make-over Necessity

Cosmetics, beauty or trends about make-up is by the most pivotally searched category on any website nowadays. Buying loads of make-up –the best brands, that is – and that too, in affordable prices is one of the many dreams that engage a girl, probably. From face products such as face powder, concealer, primer and BB creams, will also give you a wide range of facial beauty masks to choose from – many of those which aren’t available in any of the retail stores around you.

A variety of makeups brushes are now become a necessity to cover, contour and blend your makeup with perfection. With brush packs being sold by the dozen and at a great price, has given you a chance to get your entire make-up in packs and awesome deals. Looking for a deal? –checkout the Oshi’s exclusive “Cosmetic pack of 6” deal and grab the branded products in reasonable price.

Innovative Beauty products for a Youthful Radiant Skin

From gold facial masks that bring a radiant glow to your skin to blackhead removing masks that could remove your blackheads in a jiffy; Oshi has brought your skincare regime to another level by providing best beauty products in town.

The bestselling “whitening pack”, “pore sonic cleanser” and “all-in-one shavers and trimmer” have become the must-haves for 2017 skincare regime.

Best Makeup product deals

Looking for trending palette of matte lipsticks, Nail paints, liquid long lasting lip glosses and glitter eye-shadows – is the place where you should be spending your money on for a collective experience. Make-up is probably one of the things in the world that tends to get highly expensive, and since you would definitely need to update your cosmetics once in a while, depending on your frequent usage, we ensure Oshi’s as one of the most feasible websites for online shopping for women. Grab your favourite lipsticks in bunches today, and keep the fashion trends alive.

Hair Styling Products for 2017

According to the latest Fashion 2017 trends, had the time to revamp its website with the infamous hair straightener and volumizer brushes that have been selling like hot cakes in a bakery. Online shopping for women might have never been as feasible and affordable as the experience you would get at Oshi’s.

Doll-up yourself with the Perfect Beauty Products from

Women are always in dire need of beauty products to keep up their style game. The perfect beauty products won’t only turn heads and put stunned eyes of everyone around you but also enhance your confidence but also help you maintain a healthy hair and glowing skin. With Oshi, your best beauty and cosmetics product are just a click away!

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